Writer, Podcaster, MORE

In 2009, I began my foray into the entertainment and technology industries by handling the administrative duties of several fan forums and music blogs. This continued through my junior year of high school when I was asked to be an editor for Under The Gun Review, a position I gladly took.

Within my first several months there, I took over administrative duties. My tasks included analytics, SEO, and social media integration—skills I learned in my 3 years at Ayzenberg Group. After the first year, Under The Gun's traffic tripled due to strategies I put into place to push the site's premium content into the eyes of those who would be interested in it. It was this big push that got the publication noticed by SpinGroup LLC (formerly BuzzMedia and SpinMedia).

During my 4 years there, I also contributed to other alternative music publications such as Mind Equals Blown, Absolutepunk, and WhatCulture.

In 2013, I began Bottle Cap Media, a boutique publicity firm. My clientele has included Other People Records, Antique Records, InTheClouds Records, Late In The Playoffs, Squid The Whale, and Shapes & Colors. I have also done work as an in-house publicist and A&R for Other People Records. Their clients include Taken, Trade Wind, Sea Cycles, Avaberee, Narrow / Arrow, and Souvenirs.

Come 2014, I left my post at Under The Gun to take on the role of Digital Content Editor at Substream Magazine. My duties there included setting up, assigning, and editing original content for the publication's website which I had designed. I managed a team of 30+ contributors. Before the end of the year, I stepped down from editorial to focus on other endeavors. I remained a technical advisor and contributor to the publication for a short time after. In 2015, I was invited to contribute a number of motivational posts for Alternative Press.

With friend and musician Mike Comite, I co-host a Star Wars themed podcast called Bantha Fodder. I host a show about music and creatives called Variable Bitrate.

I am a graduate of Hocking College with an associate degree in Music Industry Management. I attained my BSA Eagle Scout Rank in 2011.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and writing. I like to camp, hike, kayak, and climb when I get the rare opportunity. Taking photographs normally accompanies these activities.

My interests include technology, film, design, and organizing both my digital and physical music libaries which are growing out of control.

You can find my film diary on Letterboxd and my vinyl tradelist on Discogs. When I drink craft beer, I log it on UnTappd. You may be interested in my writing on curbside.audio, my blog.