Archival Endeavors

As a fan of music and keeping detailed records of things few else care about, I maintain several projects dedicated to music preservation. is my home for writing about music archival in the general as well as promotion of artists and records I really enjoy.

Please follow the blog on Mastodon. is a similar project, solely focused on the work and career of Frank Ocean. It holds an extensive news archive and a complete record of Frank's music, concerts, and interviews.

This blog is on Twitter because there is not a large representation of R&B fans on Mastodon.


As lead editor for Out of the Crisis, a podcast which highlights leaders from all sectors who are providing and coordinating relief efforts relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, I set the format for the show and edited 15 episodes before departing from Breaker and this wonderful project.

I also have a few shows of my own, none of which are currently active. Bantha Fodder, a Star Wars podcast, and Podchasm, a show about everything else, are both co-hosted by Mike Comite of Old Best Friend.

Variable Bitrate was a short-lived show about creatives.

I use to host all of my podcasts. If you are in need of price-competitive hosting with a ton of great features, I highly recommend the service and have an affiliate link here. Using my link will help pay for my yearly hosting bill, which would be greatly appreciated.

I occasionally appear on other podcasts as a guest. You can find those appearances here (RSS).