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Latest posts from the blog:

61 Days of Halloween

As my 31 Days of Halloween Challenge becomes less so, I'm changing up the format.

Bouncing from Boing Boing

I love link blogs. I follow a bunch of them via RSS and read them every day. They're light, interesting, and random—pulling videos, images, and stories from corners of the web I wouldn't normally visit. Curated link blogs are incredibly valuable, but some go sour.

Unravelling Threads

So, another Twitter clone. I'm present on all of them, active on one. And while I don't need Meta's take on microblogging in my life, I know it's the most likely to last. The advantage being a built-in network of 2 billion users.

Max Fleischer's Superman shorts restored

Last week I noticed a friend of mine logging a handful of Max Flesicher's Superman shorts from the 1940s. These are currently streaming on Plex and so I thought I'd revisit them as well. The problem was that neither the sound nor the picture quality there was very good. And so I Googled...