"Anyways," The Starting Line returns

It’s been a week more than three years since The Starting Line played St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit for their Say It Like You Mean It anniversary tour. It was at that show that I came to terms with the idea that TSL might be over. Kenny’s new project Vactioner was taking off, motivated by the desire to be something more than a member of the “scene” as he was so long accustomed.

Something must have changed though, because TSL have returned. Said Vasoli to Emma Garland at Noisey, “We’re always going to sound like the Starting Line. I feel like I’ve stepped back far enough that I can really identify with what I liked about pop-punk and what I appreciate about it now.”

The announcement for the Anyways EP came last week with some vinyl pre-orders as well. The single, released today, is the first full tune we’ve got since 2007. The album was produced by Will Yip.