Casey Neistat Hits 100

In Casey Neistat’s 100th vlog (congratulations Casey—you’ve inspired me daily for a few months now), the filmmaker talks about his creative hierarchy. That is, actually making something, inspiring someone with that creation, and finally creating a tool to help others create.

For so many, getting past the first section of this hierarchy is difficult. But truly, it is the easiest thing in the creative process. At least—it should be. Beyond that, inspiring and helping others create is what we should all strive for. Casey is attempting to do that through technology.

Neistat’s new company, Beme Inc., is an app of some sort that deals with video and sharing video. More specifically, the USPTO lists the product as a “downloadable mobile applications for creating, uploading, and sending digital photos, videos, images, and text to others via the global computer network.” Whatever exactly it is, I’m eager to see it available on my phone.

Tattooed on his skin and in his character are the mantras “do more” and “work harder.” That’s what makes Casey’s vlog worth watching. Daily inspiration from a man who never stops working. Seriously—Each vlog takes an average 6-7 hours to EDIT.

I highly recommend this vlog to any creative. They are posted daily on Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel.