Dead Leaves play earnest emo on “I Was Once An Extrovert”
Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves have started settling in. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing a majority of the band members since 2010. Watching the rise of hometown favorites and the eventual fall of Call It Fiction has been a sobering experience. A band with so much passion and talent certainly deserves some modicum of success, doesn’t it? Alas, missed chances, conflicts, and a chain of member changes kept these musicians down for a number of years. But no more.

AltPress premiered the music video for “I Was Once An Extrovert” the other day. It was met favorably by their readership and is an ongoing favorite when recommending music to my friends. Dead Leaves are turning heads and things are certainly looking up.

“I Was Once An Extrovert” just so happens to be one of my favorite songs on the debut EP they released late last year. [1] I included that EP amongst my favorite albums of 2014 and highly recommend purchasing it (iTunes, Bandcamp) or streaming it a few times.

I think I can say with little bias that Dead Leaves is something special. Honesty drips out of every note and I think people will find that easy to identify with and share.

However the intro track, “Reconstruct Your Body,” eclipses this one by a fair margin.