Jason Mraz Brings Surprisingly Talented Audience Member on Stage in Taipei

If you’ll allow me to get a little Upworthy on you for just a moment, I wanted to share this heartwarming video of Jason Mraz performing “Be Honest” on his YES! Tour in Taipei.

“Be Honest” is a stripped down number that features Mraz’ clear-as-glass vocals and his acoustic guitar. During this performance, he pulled an audience member from the crowd on stage. Why? The audience member brought a shaker to the concert. That simple percussion instrument became his ticket to perform with Jason Mraz.

After he got onstage, he was asked by the singer to lay down a simple rhythm, which he did. As the guitar began to play and the vocals came in, however, the man (known as Stan to his friends and crowd of thousands) began to sing backup vocals with surprisingly talented delivery.

This astonished Mraz and earned him a small vocal solo. The entire song became a wonderfully spontaneous duet. It made me smile.