Jay, Key Witness from 'Serial' Tells His Story for First Time

Natasha Vargas-Cooper:

This interview is the first time Jay has spoken publicly about events surrounding Lee’s death and the trial that ended in Syed’s conviction. We met over the weekend at his two-story suburban home. Jay’s wife and mother entertained the couple’s young children while Jay and I spoke in the family living room.

In a huge score by The Intercept’s Natasha Vargas-Cooper, the enigma that is Jay Wilds explains his side of the story told in This American Life’s spin-off series Serial.

I listened intently to Serial from day one and thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Koenig’s research and storytelling. Now that the story is over, and like most of my fellow listeners, I still have questions. Most of which involve Jay, the mysterious witness to the events of Hae Min Lee’s death and disappearance. A crime pinned to her ex boyfriend and primary focus of the podcast, Adnan Syed.

It’s a riveting story from any angle.