Mansions' 'Dig Up The Dead (Acoustic)' Pressed on Vinyl
Dig Up The Dead Acoustic Cover Artwork

Bad Timing Records:

We feel comfortable expressing the opinion that Mansions’ Dig Up The Dead is one of the greatest emo records of the last decade. In his 2011 review,’s Drew Beringer called it “a refreshingly bold album in a scene that’s grown stagnant,” describing it as “beautifully desolate” and comparing frontman Christopher Browder to great songwriters like Jesse Lacey and Kevin Devine. Well, we agree with all that.

The acoustic version of Mansions’ Dig Up The Dead rests permanently in my top 5 albums for all of time. Zack Zarrillo filled me in on this pressing around a year ago and I’ve been patiently waiting ever since. Tomorrow, I own my favorite album on vinyl. I never thought I would. I have Bad Timing Records to thank for that.