My dream job.

Wrote this and left it in the drafts for later in the day that I wrote it (it was 4am). This was over a month ago. It's still mostly true.

I can’t do one thing for long. This is something I’ve struggle with since high school. That isn’t to say I can’t finish what I start. I can and I do. What I find myself having trouble with is duplicating that process.

I need new.

Still, there are constants in my life. I love music and I love movies. I’m an entertainment addict and that will never change.

My blogging hobby has opened me up to some great opportunities, taken and untaken. I’ve met great people and gone neat places. There are perks to this sort of thing. The first and foremost incentive of the “job” has always been getting free music and emails from the people who make it.

Like I’ve mentioned here before, I often delete these emails before hitting play. There are just so many. I can’t enjoy music when it’s being shoved from 50 addresses into my face with ‘urgent’ mailing tags.

Still, every now and then, an artist comes into my life in one way or another that completely blows me away. This year, a friend from Connecticut turned me onto a Brooklyn musician named Mike Comite and his project, Old Best Friend.

I grew to really enjoy Mike’s debut EP, Keep In Touch, this May. I listened throughout the remainder of that month and shortly into June. Then other things took my attention away and the album went unplayed for about a month.

Last week, I put the EP back on. I didn’t choose it for any particular reason. It just seemed fitting. That night, I was going for a drive in the town I graduated from. It was warm and humid. My Saturn’s air conditioning doesn’t work due to a bad compressor, so I rolled down my windows and opened up the sunroof.

Driving through my rural town’s tree-lined streets, I embraced the record at full-volume; wind carrying the notes past my ears in new ways. I sang along. I became a part of that moment.

I had nowhere to be. There was nobody to please or do favors for. I was free to drive and listen and sing to Old Best Friend exactly as I pleased.

I want to be a music supervisor. I really do. Being the person in charge of setting the score of a film sounds like the most enjoyably stressful occupation in the world. To choose the song that introduces the world to a cast of characters or sets the tone for the ending of a movie is a huge and honorable undertaking. One I’d love to attempt.

Someday, I’ll put Mike’s songs in a movie so that others might hear them. When the credits roll and “Most of Me” plays, I’ll know I did that and had a hand in sharing it beyond a blog.

That will feel good.