Roy English - "Julianne"
Roy English

Jon Tanners, Pigeons & Planes:

Teaming up with Vic Mensa collaborator Stefan Ponce, L.A.-based singer/producer [Roy] English’s new single “Julianne” feels like pure pop filtered through 2015’s old-is-new-again lenses. The production gives the typical robotic grate of 80s synths and pads a pleasant soft focus warmth, a fitting backdrop for Roy’s fuzzy vocals. “Julianne” doesn’t feel like an obvious, runaway hit, but it’s the sort of song that subtly sticks in your head and might lend itself nicely to a rap feature that pushes it into wider view.

I’ve been following Roy English outside of his former bands for several years now. Why? I see in him more potential for worldwide success than any other Warped Tour offspring since Katy Perry. That’s not to say they are similar. English has a truly unique style about him that carries itself through sweeping melodies and unbelievable falsetto delivery.

The other day, a publicist friend of mine connected me with a private link to a new single of Roy’s. This was enough to leave the dinner table to sneak a stream in the restroom. His first original in a year. 1 Roy English is a test of patience.

“Julianne” is something new. Some might liken the smooth guitar licks to the 1980s inspired band The 1975. I could understand that comparison. The song gives off a lot of similar vibes, from the ambient instrumentation to echoey vocal. This isn’t a complete departure from Roy’s catalogue, but it’s a sure step in a radio-friendly direction. I’m eager to hear how the rest of his new songs come out. He’s a big single away from Clear Channel and I think 2015 is the year he makes it. Download the song for free here.

  1. He uploaded some demos on his SoundCloud in the past year.