Slack Acquires Screenhero For Screen Sharing, Voice, Video

Mic Wright, The Next Web:

Slack, the increasingly popular communication platform, has made its second acquisition, snapping up collaborative screen sharing service Screenhero for an undisclosed amount in a cash and stock deal.

Screenhero’s entire six-person team is joining Slack, which will integrate its features including screen sharing and voice. The collaboration will also see Slack rolling out new video communication features.

I’ve used a lot of screen sharing software for work. I find it really useful for teaching colleagues how to use other pieces of software or UIs. I’ve not used Screenhero, so I can’t vouch for its service, but I do trust in Slack. They’ve done nothing but improve their service since I started using it.

Since Slack has existing plugins for Google Hangouts, I’m not sure what the utility of the new services will bring. Having had primarily good experiences with Google Hangouts for video chat and screen sharing, I’m likely to continue using that service within Slack. That is, unless the Screenhero features they’re moving in make things even easier.