Spooky Black Fooled Us, Corbin is the Real Deal

Joe Price, Pigeons & Planes:

It has to be said that no one really knew what to think of Corbin when he initially piqued the internet’s interest as Spooky Black. Was this all a very elaborate joke that someone put a lot of effort into? Or was this a serious and talented artist hiding behind a veil of irony? The more …

I think, after almost a decade of recommending music to my sister, Spooky Black was her first real recommendation to me. She didn’t tell me about his music in the traditional sense, I just sort of stumbled upon his Leaving EP in her Rdio history (we have a family plan I recommend). Still, I’m down with it. The kid is 16, weird, and not the typical hip-hop group’s R&B guy. But hey, the boy can sing. There is proof in the videos through the link.

Download Corbin’s album here or on iTunes. 1

  1. Spooky Black is going by his first name now.