The Scene Press Full Length Essentials: 2014
The Scene Press Full-Length Essentials 2014
2014 has come and passed. With it, thousands of albums have been recorded and released, available for the world to experience and enjoy. Of course, we are just beings of limited time. As such, can only listen to a fraction of the world’s yearly recorded musical exports. So, we pick our favorites of the ones we’ve heard and pass them on in the hopes that what moves us moves you too.

The fine gentlemen at The Scene Press invited me to compile a list of the year’s best music with them. Between the three of us, we came up with a pretty diverse list of records from 2014.

I contributed words on Noah Gundersen’s Ledges, The Hotelier’s Home Like No Place There Is, Ariana Grande’s My Everything, Bayside’s Cult, Emarosa’s Versus, Dan + Shay’s Where It All Began, Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour, and From Indian Lakes’ Absent Sounds. I also made the graphics for the post.