What to Do if Your Favorite Indie Band Goes Mainstream

Jon Plester at McSweeney's:

Option 1
Denounce their entire catalog. Declare them corporate shills, forever dead in your eyes.

Option 2
Continue to listen to them, but only their self-released albums from before they signed to that major label. Whenever they are brought up in conversation declare that their earlier work is totally better than their new stuff.

Option 3
Find out who did this to them. There is absolutely no way that your favorite band could have autonomously strayed so far from the beautiful music they once created — they couldn’t have jumped the shark themselves, they just couldn’t have. Do some independent research, scour their blogs and interviews for hints and clues. Discover that the first letter to every line in their new song spells out a message, a hidden message only to be deciphered by true fans. You are a true fan, the truest.

An adventure we've all been through once or twice. A very funny read.