What Would Happen if a Nuclear Bomb Went Off in Your Town?

This simulator from Outrider shows you just how far the disastrous effects of a nuclear explosion would reach if such a bomb was dropped in your zip code.

Earlier this month, Vladmir Putin boasted about a new arsenal of transcontinental warheads that may or may not exist. According to the Federation of American Scientists, the Russian Federation possesses 7,300 nuclear weapons, 4,500 of which are essentially on stand-by. The United States is continuing to build up their own stock in response. We're looking at a new Cold War here.

The simulation gives you a select few bombs to test out on yourself and your neighbors within the blast zone. The largest is the Tsar Bomba (USSR) which had a 50,000 KT yield at only half its potential power. 65,777 would die if that landed in my backyard. 1,854,811 in Washington DC. This was the largest nuclear test ever detonated, but the B83 has a 1.2MT yield (1200KT) and is sitting in the US stockpile today.

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