Zane Lowe interviews Chance The Rapper

I love Coloring Book, so much so that I've been bumping nothing but Chance's 3rd mixtape since it dropped. From top to bottom, it's a work of hip-hop perfection with new gospel and club bangers colliding in perfect harmony.

Zane Lowe interviewed Chance for Beats 1. They talked about the record and it's many collaborators as well as Chance's role in The Life Of Pablo. Among the back and forth, Chance played early versions of "Waves", "All We Got", and more. If you're into this record half as much as I am, this serves as a behind the scenes look like you won't get anywhere else.

Oh yea, and Chano confirmed that the Gambino collaborative mixtape is still coming. It's unfinished and on hold while Donald Glover works on his new TV show, but promises it's on the way.

Bonus: The track called "Grown Ass Kid" Chance mentions near the end of the interview can be heard here.