Leaving Ayzenberg

In 2011, a professional friend of mine gave me a job opportunity. At the time, I was a college freshman with no car and no job. My gig at The Social Method helped me pay my way through college.

In 2012, TSM was joined with Ayzenberg Group. As an independent contractor, I managed accounts from top video game publishers like EA SPORTS and EA GAMES as well as Sony Online Entertainment, PopCap, and Origin Insider.

In 2013, I ditched the tax nightmare that is contracting and became a bonifide Ayzenberg employee.

In 2014, my time at Ayzenberg came to an end. As of today, I'm a free agent.

I loved my job at Ayzenberg. I loved the people. It was a great experience. One I'm very thankful for.

I want to thank Jack Appleby for the introduction, Rebecca Markarian for believing in and trusting a kid with a laptop with million-dollar accounts, Heidi Espejo, Mshak Ghazarian, Rachel Weinstein, Keith Pape, Eric Ayzenberg, Trey Rexroat, Gilbert Moran, David Sarkissian, Brian Fulda, and all of my fellow Community Operatives. You all rule.

As for my future, I'm looking for opportunities. I've been ramping up my resume and talking to some HR reps about new work. Until I have a new gig, I'll be doing any freelance design or writing work that needs doing. If you know of a position I might fit, please let me know.

Update: I took a role at Substream Magazine!