New Website

Yesterday during a conversation with a friend, I decided it was time to pull the trigger on buying the and domains. It seemed like the smart and grown-up thing to do.

It's unbelievably easy, buying URLs. I just hopped on to my GoDaddy account and five minutes later owned 4 shiny new domains for about $45. I set the renewal period as one year from now because it's tax season and I need to watch my spending, but I'll be upping that later this year.

My first action was to forward all of my new URLs to my Twitter handle. If I own them, I may as well put them to work. A few clicks, 302 forwards, and wa-la! Some extra link juice for my social network.

Next, I signed up for a trial account on Squarespace and customized what you see here. The blog page you're reading this on may very well become my permanent home for updates, but there are some other options I'm looking into first.

In the meantime, I've set up my blog on and pointed my "blog" subdomain there. uses Dropbox to sync my posts. This allows me to use an editor of my choice in addition to the online editor they provide. HTML and CSS customization is a breeze too, so I'll be getting around to that.

For now, is the home for my professional blog. Thanks for reading!

Update (June, 2020): The blog has since been moved to Ghost CMS, hosted on Digital Ocean. It lives at