Selective sync of Google Calendars in Apple's ecosystem

Despite removing myself from Google’s ecosystem where I can, I’ve found that Google calendars have been hard to ditch. One thing that’ really irks me though about adding Google calendars to my Apple calendar apps is the mess they make in my master list of calendars.

Exhibit A

Typically, I keep a small number of calendars on each Gmail or Google Suite account, all of which I would like to sync with my calendar app. Contacts, however, I never share with Google. So why are these here? How do we get rid of them? Google doesn’t make this easy, so I will.

What we want to do is configure, from Google’s end, which calendars are selected to sync with iOS and/or Mac OS. Searching through the settings for Google calendar reveals nothing of consequence. That’s because the setting we want is found on a page that hasn’t been updated by Google since 2009.

There you have it. Unchecking “Contacts” here will update the list of calendars in Apple’s calendars app.