The one thing that I need

As I continue packing to move in with my girlfriend, I'm taking it upon myself to remember what's most important—what to leave behind and what to bring with me as I start the next chapter of my life with the person I love the most.

I received two vinyl display cases from my parents one Christmas a few years ago and never knew which two albums to fill it with. Several records have filled the space for short amounts of time, but none of them felt right. I decided tonight that the album that deserves the spot—that has pushed me to grow up the most—is 'Dig Up The Dead' by Mansions. Since moving out is a pretty grown-up thing to do. I think my selection is fitting.

The full band version artwork reflects the darker parts of growing up, the responsibilities and obligations of adulthood. The acoustic version—the version I fell in love with—represents the hope I found in those songs and the brighter side of my life moving forward. I'm extremely fortunate to have met Mae and to have found this apartment with her. I'm extraordinarily excited to take this step and hang an album so pivotal to me on the wall of my new office.

"Where they belong. I'm where they belong, you'll see. This means everything to me."