Undocumented: The Frank Ocean Rarities Collection
UPDATE: The mixtape has been updated and is now hosted at blonded.blog.

Over the years, I've amassed an extensive collection of Lonny Breaux reference tracks and Frank Ocean rarities. In doing do, I've had plenty of help through existing collections of these songs. These tapes, which include The Lonny Breaux Collection and unreleased, MISC., laid the foundation for what my tape undocumented, RARE. would become. Still, there was more out there. Much more. After years of digging through blogs and scouring Internet archives (as well as the hard drives of some fellow stans), I've brought together the rest of Lonny/Frank's pre-Blonde discography and made it available to download in one place.

Here's some information on the collection:

undocumented, RARE. is a Frank Ocean Stan's best resource for unreleased tracks not included in The Lonny Breaux Collection. The tape was compiled with everything else featuring Lonny Breaux or Frank Ocean in the years spanning 2010 to 2015 including a few features and remixes that you can't purchase anywhere. The best audio has been sourced for each track and each have been tagged with the year they were released online, if not recorded.

The collection was created as a companion to The Lonny Breaux Collection. As such, this tape may contain some light overlap with that one depending on the version you downloaded. As more reference tracks have leaked over the years, varying versions have appeared with enough differences to allow some duplication here. So long as you have both, be confident that you've got everything that been available online as of Spring 2017.

The release has 40 tracks that include reference tracks, snippets, remixes, and all of the tracks Frank released on his Tumblr account. Each track has clean metadata including lyrics. Alternate album art is in the folder.

Chances are, if you're a stan like me you may already have many of these tracks. If so, you may want to check this release for better quality bitrates of the songs you have. By choice, there have been zero edits made to the encoding of these songs so that you can be sure you have the best versions available on the Internet. I just recently upgraded a few myself after listening to crappy youtube rips for years.

For those that are Frank Ocean fans, but looking to dig deeper. I hope that undocumented, RARE. as well as The Lonny Breaux Collection will save you some time and open you up to the fascinating world of songwriter extraordinaire Lonny Breaux.

2017 - undocumented, RARE. (unofficial)

  1. Heartbreak + Jet Lag
  2. Summer Remains
  3. I Need It
  4. Good Decoration
  5. Orion
  6. Math
  7. PDA
  8. Back (To You)
  9. Best Seller
  10. Theme Music (Snippet)
  11. Try
  12. Let Me (Feat. Kyle Christopher)
  13. Dreamkilla
  14. Back To You (Feat. Nikki Flores)
  15. Static
  16. Light Show
  17. Trouble (Snippet)
  18. Pyrite (Fool's Gold)
  19. U Got It
  20. 4 Tears
  21. Bend Ya (Feat. Frank Ocean & Kendrick Lamar) by Mann
  22. Scared of Beautiful (Demo)
  23. Acura Integurl
  24. Thinking About You (OG)
  25. Cameras (Snippet)
  26. Blue Whale
  27. Voodoo
  28. Whip Appeal
  29. Wiseman
  30. Hero (Frank Ocean, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Diplo)
  31. Thinking About You (Remix Feat. Twista)
  32. Without You (Feat. Frank Ocean) by Stacy Barthe
  33. Golden Girl (Feat. Tyler, The Creator)
  34. Pink Matter (Remix Feat. André 3000 & Big Boi)
  35. Eyes Like Sky
  36. Thinking About You (SBTRKT Edit)
  37. Whip Appeal (SBTRKT Edit)
  38. Lovely Day (Feat. Lonny Breaux) by Mann
  39. Memrise
  40. You Are Luhh 

Compiler footnotes:

Omitted are several popular rarities that I can't verify as Frank's. Namely, these are "Anywhere" and "Girlfriend's Best Friend." Before you get at my inbox, yes I've heard the unpitched versions of both. I like them, but—as close as they may sound—I just can't fully buy into either of them as Frank's tunes. I've linked to these in the master list (original version, archived) under a section listing other known fake Frank songs, but pending legitimate confirmation (as if...), they will not be included in the tape for this reason.

If you notice that this release is missing anything, please let me know. I'd be glad to hear that I missed something or that you've found something new.

While we're on the topic, don't skip out on the master list. There are some great Frank Ocean related downloads there that any Stan would want to add to their collection including skits and clips from blonded RADIO, the instrumentals that streamed in the days leading up to Endless, and even an old livestream recording with Lonny and Ciara. If you're wondering where most of these tracks are coming from, I'll let Franky tell it.

I hope you enjoy this tape as much as I do. I sank a fair amount of time putting it together, so if you're feeling it, validate me on Twitter.