The Shakermaker Podcast 7: "Bring It On Down" with guest Jacob Tender

Patrick Haynes had me on The Shakermaker Podcast to discuss a song from the first Oasis album. It was a lot of fun. The guy is a HUGE Oasis dork who does his research. If you love Oasis even half as much as he does, you'll love his show.

via The Shakermaker Podcast:

Jacob Tender guests on the seventh episode of The Shakermaker Podcast to discuss "Bring It On Down," the seventh track off of Oasis' debut, Definitely Maybe.

Jacob and Patrick discuss Jacob's love for post-Britpop bands, Jacob's expectations going into Bring It On Down, how Patrick likes the guitar riff, some background info on the song from Patrick, and overall thoughts on podcasting in general.

Find the full show notes for this episode here.