Pet peeves

We all have them. These are mine.

Things people do:

  • When things are set on the edge of a table.
  • FaceTiming in public spaces.
  • Bare feet in restaurants and on planes.
  • Smoke detectors low on batteries in the background of video calls for months on end

Things people say:

  • When people use vinyls to refer to vinyl records in the plural.
  • Using Rise of the Skywalker to refer to Episode IX of the Star Wars saga.
  • Checkout clerks who mindlessly offer to "help whosever next."


  • Starting a TV show or movie while another remains partially watched.


  • The instructions on One A Day chewable state, "Adults and children 12 years of age and older: Fully chew two gummies daily."
  • Triscuits haven't had just three corners in years.