Welcome to my CSS style guide! It's important to see all elements of a blog post together. To see how they interplay with each other in different scenarios.

Header 1

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla fringilla justo ut dignissim eleifend. Suspendisse vel dapibus odio. Duis imperdiet dolor ut orci bibendum facilisis. Duis pulvinar orci elit, eu fermentum mi ultricies eget. Nam ornare, mi a gravida auctor, erat purus feugiat eros, eget gravida massa turpis eget tortor. Mauris non aliquet dui.

Header 2

Sed sollicitudin congue lectus ut egestas. Aliquam hendrerit interdum ex, et cursus tortor pellentesque vel. Nullam id convallis neque. Aenean accumsan quis quam in varius. Integer at convallis odio.

Header 3

Quisque ornare quis leo vitae ultrices. Nullam at pulvinar elit. Fusce sit amet sapien a arcu suscipit pulvinar. Aliquam sed sapien metus.

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Bold Text
This is a paragraph of text. It's several sentences long and exists to show line height and how well it matches with the headers shown above. There are many like it, but this one is unique.

Lead in for a blockquote:

This is a block quote.

Okay, back to paragraphs. This one gives an introduction to the next section, which is an unordered list. Yay for bullets! Also, why can I only do subbullets using markdown blocks.

  • Bullet Level 1
    • Bullet Level 2
      • Bullet Level 3
        • Bullet Level 4
          • Bullet Level 5

Let's hear it for ordered lists! Same thing as before, but with numbers and letters.

  1. Top-level item
    1. Test
  2. Second item
  3. Third Item

This is a paragraph inside of a raw HTML card.

Photo with a caption

Text underneath an image embed. How's the spacing? Is it okay? I'd imagine it probably is.

This is a callout.

Okay, how about callouts? Is this spaced appropriately?