Welcome To Geekdom 050: Digital Storage and Backup Data

Deanna and I talk about our storage solutions and workflows, backup options, and related media management. via Welcome To Geekdom: Jacob Tender returns to the podcast for an extremely geeky chat about digital storage and backing up data.Find the

Welcome To Geekdom 038: Frank Ocean

Following my undocumented, RARE project and the Master List, I joined Deanna Chapman once again to give an idiot's lecture on Frank Ocean. via Welcome To Geekdom: Jacob Tender returns to talk about Frank Ocean's early career, his discography, and

Welcome To Geekdom 022: Apple Music

I'm back again on Welcome To Geekdom to talk about Apple Music, the streaming service I use to access the rarites and unstreamables that were formally found only on my external hard drive. I've been playing around in the Apple