Some ChatGPT Fun

Seeing some fun ChatGPT prompts and responses floating around the net today, I thought I'd throw in a few of my own. To my great delight, all of them were readable, accurate, and passed any plagiarism tests I could throw at them.

All Time Vocalists

Those songbirds which transcend conventional ability and became something altogether more greater. I listen to these artists when I want to feel a higher power.

Websites that make the Internet worth it.

Can we admit that, by and large, the Internet was a bad idea? As someone who's made most of their nut and name on the Internet in some fashion, I'm convinced most of it is garbage. This is my list of sites that have only given me joy.

Testing Embeds

> THIS performance 💜 [] — Letterboxd (@letterboxd) January 19, 2022 [] > Bicycles are so much fun and are so convenient. It's a lot faster than walking....

31 Days of Halloween

For the last three years, I've taken on a personal challenge to actually watch 31 horror movies during the month of October.

Words I consistently spell wrong

These are the words that make me feel most like an illiterate moron. I'm exposing myself here. Red squiggles and all.

Night Moves

My friend James Shotwell published an essay today about the last time he and I saw our friend Justin Proper.

My Favorite Things: 2021

Another year, another swath of media to devour, process, and regurgitate in the form of bulleted lists.

2021: A Year In Review

When discussing our favorite moments of 2021 yesterday, Mae brought to my attention a few activities I'm sure happened a year before. My sense of time has been completely rocked by Covid-19. Thankfully, I've got my camera roll to help me recall all the things that have happened since last year.

Welcome To Geekdom 261: Star Wars: Myths and Fables

> Jacob Tender and Deanna Chapman discuss Star Wars: Myths and Fables. Find the full show notes for this episode here []....

Comedy Heroes

I think you can learn a lot about a person, their sense of humor, and how they see the world by knowing who their favorite comedians are. These are the ones that have made the largest impact on me.

Welcome To Geekdom 250: Alien (1979)

> Jacob Tender and Mike Comite join Deanna Chapman to discuss Alien! Find the full show notes for this episode here []....

Chat Semetary: The Mist (2017)

via Chat Sematary: > Jacob Tender joins the podcast to discuss The Mist. The show originally aired on Spike TV in 2017. We dive into the cast, how the show differs from the story and more. Find the full show notes...

The Great Indoors

When we moved into this apartment in October 2015, I figured the only creature residing with us would be our canine companion Jazz. What I didn't know was that the next six years would feature a revolving cast of characters including bats, squirrels, and birds. So very many birds.

Names for Jazz

These are some of the affectionate titles I've used to refer directly to my dog, whose actual name is Jazz.

What Was Missed

It's been an overwhelmingly isolating year with a lot of moments I will forever regret having missed.

My Favorite Things: 2020

As is tradition, here is a distillation of my favorite media—formatted into digestable bulleted lists for posterity.

2020: A Year In Review

As terrible as the year has been, some landmark achievements have happened in spite of it. Here's a rundown of what I've accomplished this year.

Video Games I've Played

I don't play video games very often. Here's a record of the ones I've completed.

Articles that never fail to make me laugh

If the Internet is good for anything, it's chuckles on demand. This is a list of articles I've read online that I can read over and over again for a laugh.

Playlisting, a practice

For the last decade or so, I've been a staunch proponent of music playback by album. Recently, I've found a deep appreciation for playlist building.

Welcome To Geekdom 204: Star Wars Dark Legends

> Jacob Tender returns to the podcast to discuss Star Wars Dark Legends. Find the full show notes for this episode here []....

Welcome To Geekdom 200: Star Wars Movie Rankings

> A roundtable episode where we rank the 11 live-action Star Wars movies! Find the full show notes for this episode here []....

Finding Grandpa's Commercial

I located a long-lost advertisement starring my great grandfather and so much more.

My Favorite Things 2020 (The First Half)

I haven't compiled a mid-year list of my favorite things since 2015. I've just been so struck with compelling media during the year of COVID that I felt it was worth doing a quick run-down of the stuff that's keeping me occupied while most social activities are put on hold.

Changing It Up

Anyone who's followed me closely may know that in Fall of 2017, I returned to The University of Akron to complete a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems with a specialization in computer programming. I graduated in May. As a...

My small part in the career of Fall Out Boy

In January of 2016, an author by the name of Ben Welch reached out for permission to use my 2012 essay on Fall Out Boy's album From Under The Cork Tree . I gave him the go-ahead and quick interview about...

Selective sync of Google Calendars in Apple's ecosystem

Despite removing myself from Google’s ecosystem where I can, I’ve found that Google calendars have been hard to ditch. One thing that’ really irks me though about adding Google calendars to my Apple calendar apps is the mess...

Welcome To Geekdom 183: Gravity Falls

> Jacob Tender joins the podcast to discuss Gravity Falls. We talk about why two seasons worked for the length of the show, why we enjoyed it, and more. Find the full show notes for this episode here [https://welcometogeekdom.transistor....

Podcast Me Anything: Jacob Tender, Community Manager at Breaker

via Podcast Me Anything: > I recently launched a client podcast and the one network they had to make sure they got listed on was Breaker []. Breaker is not a household name in podcasting, but in the...