My Letterboxd tickets

These are all of the Letterboxd Support tickets I've opened, categorized by their current status. I had a bunch of feature requests implemented before they started using Nolt, but I don't care to link to old Tweets anymore.


Profile Settings Favorites Banner Preview (#4161)

Often, patrons choose the order of their four favorites based on what the banner images associated. To preview these today, the user is required to leave the profile, change the order in the settings panel, and return to the profile page (refreshing if they hit back). If the banner isn’t suitable, the user must repeat this step up to 4 times.

I propose a preview of the banner, shown in the space above the four favorites in the settings area. Mockup attached.
Side note: I noticed there is mixed terminology in use for the settings screen. The page’s title is “Profile Settings” while the header reads “Account Settings” with a tabbed area for “Profile”.

Additional inverse filters (language/country) (#4413)

When filtering a list on genre, it’s possible to inverse the result. Through the UI, you can do this by selecting the genre from the menu twice. Via a URL, you can prepend a - to the genre name.


I would love to see this functionality extended to language / country filters. While these do not yet have UI elements associated with them, I would expect to use the following URL to filter my list down to non-English titles:

Similarly, I’d love to chain language/country like you can genre.

This would be useful in a number of applications, but I thought to try it before dinner last night. Thought being that I wanted to watch something that didn’t require undivided attention to subtitles.

Implemented / Fixed

Include "Owned" titles in "Where To Watch" box (#356)

Now that Letterboxd keeps record of films we own via lists, we can filter lists based on ownership status. It would be great to include this status on film pages as well. You know, for those of us too forgetful to remember owning the Blu-ray. 😜

Bug: Managing special tags with characters (#3222)

I was removing some old rating tags I used many years ago and noticed a bug concerning tags using the “½” character.

For example: I had tags for 4 and 4½. While they are listed separately on my tag page, their URLs were the same (excluding the special character). Deleting the “4” tag worked fine, but this decreased the count for the “4½” tag. Attempting to delete the “4½” tag does nothing. Any tag with the “½” character appears to be stuck.

iOS Bug: Tag field scroll jumping while typing (#3870)

This one persisted for months and drove me absolutely insane.

Following the 4.0 update, the tag field jumps around as new tags are typed out and selected.

Web Bug: Duplicated "When Rated" sort option (#3887)

When browsing any profile’s films, there are duplicate sort options for “When rated.” The URIs between them differ, but the labels and resulting sorts are the same.

In Progress

Add "Now Available To Watch" view to apps (#2161)

I love the “Now Available To Watch” roundup emails. They’re super influential in planning what I want to watch each week. When each email is delivered, I also get an app notification.

However, tapping into this notification takes me to the first film on that list of “now available” features. By using the native app over an email (which I’d prefer to do), I’m missing out on the entire list and end up having to open the email anyway.

I’d love to see a page or list view of all films now available on my services.

Under Consideration

Web: match substrings when tagging content (#4611)

On mobile, when I type “netflix” in the Edit Tags view of the review form, I am returned the option of service: netflix. On desktop, I am not.

I would love to see this fuzzy / approximate / substring-matching search implemented on desktop as well.

Other examples that work on mobile and not desktop:

1. “challenge -> criterion-challenge
2. “child” -> death of a child, abandoned children
3. “nyc” -> new york ( nyc ) (not sure why parentheses are not excluded in substring searches, otherwise i’d expect new york (nyc) to work as well.
4. “comedy” -> romantic comedy, workplace comedy, etc.

Filter movies not available on streaming OR in owned lists (#3656)

I have a list which I’ve filtered to exclude films available to stream on my services. Within this subset, there are a number of films shown that I own.

I would like to filter these too, leaving just the films that are not available for streaming on my services OR marked as owned. I’m looking for the subset of movies that I do not have access to.

If I mark both available filters (“include films you own” and “exclude matching films”), I see the following language in the filter banner above my list: “There are 38 films in this list that you own or are not available for streaming on your favorite services”

This combination shows me the movies not available to stream AND the movies marked as owned. I would like the ability to exclude films matching “owned” as well. The delta again being movies I do not have access to anywhere that Plex is aware of. This way I can endeavor to find them physically or otherwise.


Allow rel="me" attributes in profile links (#2145)

As outlined in the platform’s documentation here, it’s possible to verify links in your Mastodon profile by use of a link using a rel="me" attribute.

Using my profile as an example (bio source), I can see that Letterboxd is stripping away any extra attributes on <a> tags and replacing them with a rel="no follow". In the profile edit view, all attributes are retained. But when displayed, they are replaced. I assume this is to prevent passing any link authority to the target for search engines’ benefit, but as a user I’d like to verify that the profile I’m linking to is mine.

I’d like to suggest either passing these attributes through in the bio text or adding Mastodon as a connection that might allow for such a linkback to be put on the profile. It doesn’t matter the context, it just needs to live on the profile.

FWIW: Mastodon isn’t alone. Others are adopting this method of “verification” as well.