Criterion Closet picks, documented

Recording a complete history of visits to the Criterion Closet, complete with a list of the most popular selections.

My Letterboxd tickets

These are all of the Letterboxd Support tickets I've opened, categorized by their current status.

Closing The Loops: Take 2

This upgraded version of the list is complete with notes detailing on which of all 16 Letterboxd featured lists each film appears.

Closing The Loops

In an effort to close some loops on my Letterboxd stats, page, I've compiled a list of the most shared and critically acclaimed movies on the major lists and have prioritized watching them.

61 Days of Halloween

As my 31 Days of Halloween Challenge becomes less so, I'm changing up the format.

Letterboxd tag management

Of the many Letterboxd features I've been crossing my fingers for, proper tag management has been at the top of my list for a long time. Somehow it debuted without my notice some months ago.

My Letterboxd lists

Gosh, I love Letterboxd. It's absolutely my favorite service and so much more than a film diary. It's a brilliant discovery platform, mostly due to the many lists created by the platform's audience. I've talked before about how I make...

My best Letterboxd tips

This post collects some of my favorite power-user pointers for organizing and promoting films, lists, and diary entries on the platform.

31 Days of Halloween

For the last three years, I've taken on a personal challenge to actually watch 31 horror movies during the month of October.

David Lowery Q&A on Letterboxd

Directory David Lowery is promoting his new film The Old Man & the Gun, which has been getting great reviews. In the process however, he is beginning to realize that maybe it’s his last one that he will be remembered...