My best Letterboxd tips

I've been an avid Letterboxd user for a over a decade. In that time, I've logged a lot of movies, created a lot of lists, and learned a thing or two about this wonderful platform.

This post collects some of my favorite power-user pointers for organizing and promoting films, lists, and diary entries on the platform.

Import from TMDb

Letterboxd sources its film data from The Movie Database. They pull new films on (at least) a daily basis, also updating data on existing ones. Sometimes, often when you've added a film to TMDb yourself, you might want to see it added to Letterboxd immediately. There's a trick for that, for years only publicized on one or two threads on their old support platform.

First you'll need the TMDb ID for the film you'd like to add. You can grab it from the film page's URL. Here's the URL for Parasite (2019):

Then stick that into the following Letterboxd URI:

This will immediately pull in the most basic data for the film, not including cast and crew information or the film's poster. All of that will be updated on Letterboxd's normal cycle.

Pin lists and reviews on your profile

Do you have a list or review you're really proud of? You can pin them to your profile by tagging the list or diary entry with profile. The two most recent reviews with this tag will appear.

Feature lists on stats pages

If you are a Pro or Patron of Letterboxd, you get access to stat pages. These are great for numerating your watch history by genre, decade, country, or director. You can also pin your favorite lists on these pages.

All-Time Stats

Tag your list of all-time favorites with topstats. Show off your favorite films by year or decade with tags like top2022 or top1970s. These will appear near the top of the page.

You can also use the allstats tag to pin your most favorite lists on this page. I believe these are ordered descending by date created.

Beyond community-beloved lists like Letterboxd and IMDb top 250s, Best Picture Winners, Box Office Mojo All Time 100, and Edgar Wright's 1,000 favorites, you can add your own lists to the List Progress area by using the liststats tag.

Yearly Stats

For lists that are specific to a year or ones that you're particularly proud of making this year, use yir2021 to pin it to your respective yearly stat page.

Playlist Redirect Errors Fix

There's a known bug at Letterboxd when it comes to renaming lists. If you rename a list, then rename it back to what it was, you can find yourself looking at a redirection error. This will take within 24 hours to resolve on the backend. In the meantime, there is a ?fix URL parameter you can add to see the list.

Additional Filters

While the web application gives us a number of great list filters including year, genre, and availability on services, absent are a few which are available via the mobile app. Namely missing are language, country.

Fear not, you can filter any list and most other views by appending /language/language-name/ or /country/country-name/. You can even chain these together. For instance, here is a view of a list that has combines filters for English and Canada. The resulting filter banner reads: "There are 3 films in this list produced by Canada in English."

Got any hot tips I should add here? Reach out to me on Mastodon and follow me on Letterboxd!