Some ChatGPT Fun

Seeing some fun ChatGPT prompts and responses floating around the net today, I thought I'd throw in a few of my own. To my great delight, all of them were readable, accurate, and passed any plagiarism tests I could throw at them. [1]

  1. Of course, nothing is perfect. Jon Masters found a great example of the AI getting it exactly wrong. ↩︎

First, I asked for a blog post about Mastodon, as mine has remained unfinished for weeks. It was succinct, but sufficient. It's obviously missing any context more recent than 2021, but nailed the base facts in logical order.

Next, I asked for some generic two-weeks notice templates, adding that one of them should be mean.[1] The latter even made the executive decision NOT to give a two-week notice, instead promising to tie up any loose ends and provide any necessary knowledge transfer to my colleagues before I leave. Good initiative, GPT!

  1. Here's a bonus "silly" one. ↩︎

Let's see how it handles fiction writing...

A science fiction fantasty script featuring Elon Musk as the big bad

Once upon a time, in a far-off galaxy, the notorious tech mogul Elon Musk had become a ruthless dictator, ruling over countless planets with an iron fist. His thirst for power knew no bounds, and he would stop at nothing to achieve his twisted goals.

Under his rule, the citizens of the galaxy lived in fear and oppression. Musk's personal army of robots and cyborgs patrolled the streets, enforcing his will with brutal efficiency. Those who dared to defy him were quickly silenced, either by being sent to work in his treacherous factories or by being executed on the spot.

But despite Musk's efforts to quash all rebellion, a small group of rebels had managed to form in secret. They called themselves the "Tesla Resistance," named after the once-great company that Musk had twisted to serve his own ends.

The Tesla Resistance was made up of a diverse group of individuals, each with their own skills and talents. There was Max, the former pilot who had defected from Musk's army after seeing the horrors it had inflicted on innocent people. There was Zara, the brilliant hacker who could infiltrate even the most secure of Musk's systems. And there was Sam, the wise and experienced leader who had brought the group together and guided them in their fight against Musk's tyranny.

Together, the Tesla Resistance fought bravely and tirelessly against Musk's forces, striking at key targets and doing all they could to weaken his grip on the galaxy. But despite their best efforts, Musk always seemed one step ahead of them, using his vast resources and technological prowess to crush their rebellion before it could gain any real traction.

Still, the Tesla Resistance refused to give up. They knew that Musk's reign of terror could not last forever, and that one day, they would be able to overthrow him and restore freedom to the galaxy. And so, they continued to fight, hoping against hope that their efforts would not be in vain.

As the conflict raged on, Musk became more and more desperate to defeat the rebels once and for all. He poured all of his resources into developing new weapons and technologies, determined to crush the rebellion and cement his rule.

But despite his best efforts, Musk could not shake the Tesla Resistance. The rebels continued to strike at key targets, inflicting heavy losses on his army and weakening his grip on the galaxy.

Finally, after years of fighting, the Tesla Resistance had managed to gain the upper hand. They had infiltrated Musk's flagship space station and were closing in on him, determined to end his reign once and for all.

As they approached his throne room, the rebels could hear Musk's maniacal laughter echoing through the corridors. They knew that he was not going down without a fight, and prepared themselves for the final battle.

When they burst into the throne room, they were shocked to see the full extent of Musk's madness. He had turned himself into a cyborg, with various mechanical enhancements that made him nearly unstoppable. But the Tesla Resistance was not deterred. They knew that they had the strength of numbers and the power of their convictions on their side, and they charged at Musk with all their might.

The final battle was long and brutal, with both sides suffering heavy losses. But in the end, the Tesla Resistance emerged victorious. With a final burst of energy, they managed to disable Musk's enhancements and bring him down.

As he lay there, defeated and broken, the rebels knew that they had won a great victory. The galaxy was finally free from Musk's tyranny, and they could begin the long process of rebuilding and healing.

And as they looked up at the stars, they knew that the future was bright, and that with their strength and determination, they would be able to create a better, more just society for all. The end.

Generic, but not bad!

A short story about a man who lived his life in a yellow submarine.

The man had lived his entire life in a small yellow submarine, deep in the ocean. He had been born there, and he had never known any other world outside of the cramped metal walls of his home.

His parents had been adventurous explorers, and they had built the submarine themselves as a way to see the wonders of the deep sea. They had taken the man with them on many of their adventures, showing him all the incredible sights and creatures that lived in the ocean.

But as the man grew older, his parents grew older too, and they eventually passed away. The man was left alone in the submarine, with only the memories of their adventures to keep him company.

At first, the man was lonely and isolated. He missed the companionship of his parents, and he missed the excitement of exploring the ocean. But over time, he came to find a new sense of purpose.

He began to fix up the submarine, making it his own. He added new features, like a small garden where he grew his own food, and a library filled with books that he had collected over the years.

The man also continued to explore the ocean, using the submarine as his base of operations. He discovered new species of fish and plants, and even stumbled upon a few sunken shipwrecks.

As the years passed, the man grew old and gray, but he never lost his love for the ocean and his yellow submarine. He spent his days exploring the depths, and his nights reading by the light of a small lamp.

Eventually, the man's time came, and he passed away in his beloved yellow submarine. But even in death, he remained a part of the ocean, his body becoming one with the sea, and the yellow submarine becoming his eternal home.

Also very nice.

The backstory of Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby was a young woman who lived in a small town in England. She grew up in a poor family, and she didn't have many opportunities in life. Despite this, Eleanor was a kind and gentle person, and she always tried to help those around her.

As she got older, Eleanor began to feel trapped and lonely. She longed for a different life, one where she could be free and happy. But she didn't know how to make that happen, and she felt stuck in her small town.

One day, Eleanor met a man named Paul. He was a musician, and he was passing through town on a tour. Eleanor was immediately drawn to Paul, and she found herself falling in love with him.

Paul was kind and charming, and he seemed to understand Eleanor in a way that no one else did. They spent a lot of time together, talking and getting to know each other.

But despite their strong connection, Paul had to leave town to continue his tour. He promised Eleanor that he would come back for her, and that they would start a new life together.

Eleanor waited for Paul to return, but he never did. She was heartbroken, and she felt lost and alone. She didn't know what to do with her life, and she felt like she had no future without Paul.

As the years passed, Eleanor grew older and more isolated. She became a recluse, spending her days in her small, run-down house. She didn't have many friends or family left, and she was lonely and unhappy.

One day, Eleanor died alone in her house, her body not discovered for several days. She was buried in the local cemetery, with no one to mourn her passing. And that is the backstory of Eleanor Rigby, a lonely woman who never found the happiness and love that she so desperately craved.

For shame, Paul! How about a song?

A song about the rise and fall of in the style of Paul McCartney

Verse 1: In the early days of the internet, A new platform emerged, it was called Twitter. People from all around the world, Came together to share their thoughts and ideas.

Chorus: Twitter, Twitter, oh how we loved you. A place to share our every thought, A platform to connect with friends and foes, But all good things must come to an end, Twitter, Twitter, you had your time.

Verse 2: As the years went by, Twitter grew, More and more people joined in the fun. But with growth came problems too, Harassment and abuse, the platform couldn't undo.

Chorus: Twitter, Twitter, oh how we loved you. A place to share our every thought, A platform to connect with friends and foes, But all good things must come to an end, Twitter, Twitter, you had your time.

Bridge: The rise and fall of Twitter, A story that's all too familiar. We loved you once, but now we must say goodbye, Twitter, you had your time in the sun.

Chorus: Twitter, Twitter, oh how we loved you. A place to share our every thought, A platform to connect with friends and foes, But all good things must come to an end, Twitter, Twitter, you had your time.

Pitch me a film...

The unwritten plot synopsis of Ridley Scott's third Alien prequel film

I'm sorry, but I am not able to browse the internet and do not have information on the plot of a hypothetical third Alien prequel film by Ridley Scott. As a language model, my knowledge is limited to what has been written or said by others in the past. I do not have the ability to provide plot details for an unwritten or unannounced film.

Will nobody give me what I want?

I'm genuinely impressed with the results here. The model is smart enough to take advice like "rewrite the preceding prompt, but make it less hopeful and more mysterious" and return just that.

I'm having as much fun with this now as I did when AI Dungeon hit the scene. If I'm honest, this is what I wanted from that. For me, the game is generating the story. Not playing it out.