I haven't been writing much lately. I haven't been reading much lately either. I haven't been sleeping well lately and it's not because of the squirrels in our attic or the pretzel-like configuration my partner, my dog, and I make

Goodbye AbsolutePunk, Hello Chorus

Jason Tate has bought back the Absolutepunk name and URL from SPIN Group and launched a new platform for the community to move to. I had started my first business, AbsolutePunk, LLC, as a teenager with cargo shorts and puka

Chris Miller's Analysis Of The Force Awakens series

Chris Miller (AKA Darth Hound) is several features into an insightful series on The Force Awakens and its characters on The Star Wars Report. According to the Visual Dictionary and the novelization, Snoke sees Kylo as the perfect embodiment of

Top ten songs for a brand new old band

Mike Comite a happy birthday today, he returned the well-wishes with a gift for me. "Ever listen to superdrag?" I hadn't, but like all of Mike's recommendations, I looked them up. He suggested Head Trip In Every Key as my

7 Strategies for Writing 3 Books in 3 Years

I’ve been rereading this article by Ryan Holiday at The Next Web for a few days now. It’s given me both inspiration and total anxiety towards the way I write. I want to be a better and more

Why I'm writing about Star Wars

When I launched this blog in November, it was purely a matter of timing and circumstance that encouraged me to begin writing and sharing things about Star Wars more often. For the last 5 years, music has been my primary

Tumblr changes, the good and the bad

I started my first Tumblr account in 2008. I used it infrequently and eventually moved fully to my Wordpress blogs in late 2009. I used self-hosted Wordpress blogs for 5 years before returning to Tumblr to begin this blog. It

Blogging app Desk is half off in the Mac App Store

You can get John Saddington’s blogging application Desk for half the price for a limited time. Selected as a part of the Mac App Store’s Get Productive collection, Desk is only 14.99 right now. Desk works with