Goodbye AbsolutePunk, Hello Chorus

Jason Tate has bought back the Absolutepunk name and URL from SPIN Group and launched a new platform for the community to move to.

I had started my first business, AbsolutePunk, LLC, as a teenager with cargo shorts and puka shells. I started my second, Chorus, LLC, in my early thirties — an online consulting business that included running that very same website I had started when we all wanted to look like Kenny Vasoli. Today I’m writing to announce that my second company is buying back my first.

This follows a lengthy contract with SPIN that kept looking dated, vulnerable to spam, and Jason creatively discouraged. Speaking to him recently, I've drawn a lot of parallels to my struggles with Under The Gun and SPIN but I can hardly compare the levels of hardship. Jason had it rough for years and if I felt defeated for my lack of control at UTG for 2 years, I can't imagine his anguish for the past 7 or so. This is a very good thing.

Chorus looks great, works great, and already has a wonderful community of beta testers. I've had the pleasure of testing out Chorus for a few weeks and, for the first time in years, I am enjoying the conversation and interaction with strangers on a message board. Chorus is everything I liked about Absolutepunk without everything I didn't care for at Absolutepunk. The code of conduct is more strict—which hopefully keep the homophobic trolls at bay. Some senior members and popular posters at have moved over and will provide new members guidance and set a hospitable and inclusive tone. Most importantly, the site is under Jason's full control which means a tighter relationship between user, developer, and the business models put in place.

I encourage anyone who has been a user of Absolutepunk in the past 2 decades to read Jason's letter. I think a lot of people think they know the guy, but never consider the weight he's had on his shoulders. Weight put there by a terrible company seemingly bent on crushing the souls of the property admins they convinced to "sell out." I know I mistakenly resented him for many years for Lord knows what reason, perpetuated by thinking that he felt the same way towards me. It's only because he reached out and invited me to see what he was working on at Chorus that I actually got to know him a little. I'm excited at the prospect of getting to know him and the community that he's built better as they both move forward. I think Chorus has promise far beyond that of Absolutepunk and I'm eager to see how the big switch plays out.

PS: You can find me on Chorus here.