Why I'm writing about Star Wars

When I launched this blog in November, it was purely a matter of timing and circumstance that encouraged me to begin writing and sharing things about Star Wars more often. For the last 5 years, music has been my primary writing focus. I’ve enjoyed that, but I don’t enjoy all of the music I’ve written about. In fact, I generally dislike most of the music I’ve written about. That’s not true about Star Wars. That’s not true about anything I have or will write on Curbside.Audio.

This blog is for the things I like and the things I find interesting. I may have criticisms about things, but they will always stem from an existing interest or passion for those things. I love Star Wars. I have for as long as I can remember. Being free to talk about the universe George Lucas built continues to be incredibly freeing and, most importantly, fun.

The name “Star Wars” for someone who didn’t grow up with the brand’s lexicon ingrained in their memory means something different than what I experience when I hear it. People like my girlfriend, for instance, who have not even seen all of the movies probably think of “Star Wars” as a literal thing. That’s not incorrect by any means. By gosh, the storyline is drizzled in space battles. Still, there is a contemptuous undertone that carries the words from the mouths of those removed from the fan base. It’s just a movie to them. An old, nerdy, confusing sci-fi flick with a cult following. Again, 100% true. That’s what it is. But to me, and to many like me, it’s so much more.

I don’t mean to throw my girlfriend under the bus. Even if she’s lost to the idea of the Death Star or shooting womp rats with a T-16 back home, she’s completely understanding of my love for everything involved. For Christmas last year, she gave me the 2'6" Millennium Falcon toy I’ve been eyeing at Walmart for the past 3 months. By my standards, she’s sort of the best girlfriend ever.

What I’m trying to get across here is that “Star Wars” to me is this overarching thing that encompasses more than just the movies and toys that drove my childhood. It’s a community, fantasy, and thirst for knowledge that has me addicted. It’s a world where things that aren’t yet possible are completely possible within their own set of physics. It’s a realistic fiction that takes place in my brain. It’s a release from the world you and I live in. It’s a place where even the most stressful situations seem adventurous, mysterious, and fun.

In life, I still pretend to open electronic doors with the Force. I’ll occasionally wave my hand over a pebble in the grass to see if it will move. I purchase models, puzzles, and other memorabilia to surround myself with the universe I’ve so long wanted to be a part of. I’m a Star Wars fan through and through and I’m still excited about that, in spite of the prequels.

Curbside.Audio won’t be entirely about Star Wars. I plan to host plenty of content on music, film, and technology I enjoy on a day-today basis. I even have some plans to host pieces from my friends on a variety of topics I find interesting. There’s a lot in store for this blog that I haven’t fully realized yet. I don’t plan to. I’m finally in a place where I can write freely and that’s the primary focus.

If you love Star Wars, welcome aboard the wordiest hunk-of-junk in the galaxy. If you don’t, stick around for the other stuff. I’ll be serving up plenty of everything.