Criterion Closet picks, documented

Recording a complete history of visits to the Criterion Closet, complete with a list of the most popular selections.

My Favorite Things: 2023

365 more days repressing the sad thoughts with media. As is tradition, here they are, my favorites for the year.

Closing The Loops: Take 2

This upgraded version of the list is complete with notes detailing on which of all 16 Letterboxd featured lists each film appears.

Closing The Loops

In an effort to close some loops on my Letterboxd stats, page, I've compiled a list of the most shared and critically acclaimed movies on the major lists and have prioritized watching them.

61 Days of Halloween

As my 31 Days of Halloween Challenge becomes less so, I'm changing up the format.

Max Fleischer's Superman shorts restored

Last week I noticed a friend of mine logging a handful of Max Flesicher's Superman shorts from the 1940s. These are currently streaming on Plex and so I thought I'd revisit them as well. The problem was that neither the sound nor the picture quality there was very good. And so I Googled...

My Favorite Things: 2022

Twelve more months on God’s green Earth, absorbing hundreds more hours of media. It’s only right to denote them, once again, for future nostalgia.

31 Days of Halloween

For the last three years, I've taken on a personal challenge to actually watch 31 horror movies during the month of October.

My Favorite Things: 2021

Another year, another swath of media to devour, process, and regurgitate in the form of bulleted lists.

My Favorite Things: 2020

As is tradition, here is a distillation of my favorite media—formatted into digestable bulleted lists for posterity.

My Favorite Things 2018: Everything

My lists are all short this year and I have a long holiday break to enjoy, so I’m going to combine this year’s My Favorite Things posts into one. I hope that’s cool. Music I gave fewer...

David Lowery Q&A on Letterboxd

Directory David Lowery is promoting his new film The Old Man & the Gun, which has been getting great reviews. In the process however, he is beginning to realize that maybe it’s his last one that he will be remembered...

Will Ferrell Interviews Joaquin Phoenix for Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine either gave Will Ferrell the opportunity to interview Joaquin Phoenix or Joaquin Phoenix the opportunity to be interviewed by Will Ferrell. > FERRELL: I love everything. I was recently thinking about your role in Gladiator [2000], which is a...

Inside Spike Jonze’s Apple Ad

Adweek has a really neat look [] behind the scenes of Spike Jonze's ad for the Apple HomePod starring FKA Twigs and new music by Anderson .Paak. Incredibly, all of the wall movements were shot...

BF 27: Young, Dumb, and Rebel Scum

Back again for a look at the Solo teaser trailers. > In the twenty-seventh episode of Bantha Fodder, Mike and Jacob take a "quick" look at the Han Solo teasers aired during the Super Bowl. Find the show on Twitter [http:...

My Favorite Things 2017: Movies

In 2017, I made good on my promise to watch more movies than I did in 2016. In total, I watched 167 movies.

BF 26: Things That I Buy: A Holiday Special

In 2013 A friend introduced me to Old Best Friends []’s ‘Keep In Touch,’ an EP that changed my world. Over the next year Mike Comite and I became friends. In 2015, we started a podcast called...

BF 25: I Just Word Vomited All Over You

Well, another Star Wars movie has arrived and I had some thoughts. This is the best place to get my initial reaction this year. > In the twenty-fifth episode of Bantha Fodder, Mike and Jacob take their time on The Last...

The Last Jedi trailer breakdown

The trailer for The Last Jedi has arrived. Chapter two of the sequel trilogy is imminent and drawing ever closer. As I tend to do, I'm breaking down the trailer to pick out the nitty gritty details to draw any...

BF 17: Luke Will Have Lines

The title for Episode VIII is out, so Mike and I started picking apart what it could mean. We make a few plot predictions and talk about our favorite moments in our first year as Star Wars podcasters. Thank you...

Evazan and Baba: A Tale Of Misadventure and Cosmetic Surgery

The Cantina Cast has published a piece of mine on two of my favorite Star Wars "background" characters. This is a complete history of Doctor Cornelius Evazan and his mate Ponda Baba. These characters are the subjects of Bantha Fodder's...

Encore 141: Hobbies, Work, and Everything Between

On this week’s episode of Encore I am joined by special guest Jacob Tender. This week we discuss, SpinMedia, UnderTheGun and a lot of behind the scenes chaos that plagued the music web community over the past few years.

BF 16: She Does Not Rebel

We both saw Rogue One, one more than the other. We pretty much talk about that. This is a great starter episode for anyone who hasn't checked out the show so far. > In the sixteenth episode of Bantha Fodder, Mike...

My Favorite Things 2016: Movies

In 2016, I saw more movies in theaters than usual but less in film overall. Mae and I spent a lot of time watching older sagas like Star Wars, Oceans 11-13, Indiana Jones, and the Bourne saga. Otherwise, it's really...

BF 15: The Night After Jedha: A Holiday Special

Bantha Fodder is celebrating the holidays the only way they know how, with dorky references to background characters in their favorite science fiction franchise. > In the fifteenth episode of Bantha Fodder, Mike and Jacob are up late waiting for Santa...

'Rogue One': My Initial Examination

This review contains spoilers. Reading beyond this paragraph means you’ve either seen the movie and care to read insights into the plot of The Force Awakens, or you simply want to ruin a possibly phenomenal movie-going experience for yourself....

Bantha Fodder Presents: "Rebellious Landino"

This week, along with our latest episode, Mike and I put together a remix of Childish Gambino's "Freaks & Geeks" from the perspective of Lando Calrissian.

BF 13: I Have A Bad Feeling About This

Increase the auxiliary thrusters and divert forward shield power to the hyperdrive, we're podcasting with a higher frequency! No promises, of course, but this is one of two episode we recorded last week to make up for our long gap....

Donald Glover cast as Lando Calrissian in Han Solo stand-alone film

Donald Glover (Community, Atlanta, the rap game) has been officially cast [] as Lando Calrissian in the Phil Lord and Christopher Miller directed Han Solo stand-alone film set for 2018, a role long rumored and...

BF 12: Comic Books Have Crawls

It's been a few weeks, but here we are, waxing poetic about the greatest science fiction saga of all time yet again. > In the 12th episode of Bantha Fodder, Mike and Jacob talk about traditions. Specifically "the crawl" and time...