A Complete Guide To The Cinematic References And Inspirations Of 'The Last Jedi'

Michelle Buchman for The Nerdist:

No film series has such a clear love for cinema of the past like Star Wars. From A New Hope‘s ode to Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress to The Force Awakens‘ western feel, the franchise lovingly celebrates film history. Director Rian Johnson packs so many film references into Star Wars: The Last Jedi that it demands multiple viewings to spot them all. Some sequences are direct homages while others are more subtle, resonating thematically or tonally. If you’re looking to turn kids or teenagers into full blown movie nerds, we can’t think of a better place to start than Episode VIII. Not only does a knowledge of cinema foster a deeper love and appreciation, it allows audiences to think more critically about the art of the world. We’ve compiled a cinematic cheat sheet of the films The Last Jedi draws from to highlight how this film brings something new to Star Wars while simultaneously honoring the past

Michelle has assembled an impressive collection of classic film references from The Last Jedi and shown them side-by-side with gifs from the film. This is a gif post you'll actually appreciate.