VBR #09: 'A Place For Us To Write Freely', with guest Brian Leak

After months of following up with the poor guy, I got Brian "Lion" Leak on the show with me. Initially, when this thing was going to promote Under The Gun and its writers, Brian would have been my co-host. It's wild how quickly things changed. Now Brian has jumped over to Substream to take over editing duties across the board. I've read through his first issue and it's quite good. I'm very impressed and eager to see how the rag changes moving forward.

This episode, like just about every one so far, had some issues with the recording process. First, Brian got ridiculously sick, but stuck to his commitment to record. What a saint! Second, it was lawn care day at his apartment complex, so there's a super brief intermission in there. Then there's the product of his feverish delusions that tacked a few additional hours (over several days) in the editing process: he forgot to put on headphones.

It's not a huge deal. It's only noticeable when either of us "crosstalk", but whatever. Like I've said before, I've got to learn to roll with it everyone's set up and access to equipment is different. I still think this one came out better than most skype-centered programs. Pre-recording reminders is something I'm working on in my efforts to ever improve the quality of the show. Hope you dig it.

When this thing started as an Under The Gun branded show, Brian Leak (aka The Lion) was initially supposed to be my cohost. Alas, a change in career led him to Substream Magazine where he is now Editor In Chief. A week removed from dropping his first issue there, we discuss how starting at a local rag evolved into a career.

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