Encore 141: Hobbies, Work, and Everything Between

First time on Encore, the Chorus.fm podcast. Thomas can no longer commit to a steady podcasting schedule, so Jason has been asking some folks to fill in as guests. I was happy to oblige. via Encore: On this week’

Inside Music 80 - The Death of a Music Blog (with Jacob Tender!)

via Inside Music: On this episode of INSIDE MUSIC, host James Shotwell calls returning guest Jacob Tender to discuss the current state of music blogging, the rise of podcasts, and the need for change in the world. This is Jacob’

Interview: Lydia talks 'Run Wild' on their headlining tour

If there was a band that my girlfriend and I could describe as ours, it would be Lydia. They were the first band we saw together and we've seen them twice since. The latest show was in the same venue

An interview with Lydia

“I think I’m going to shotgun a Redbull. They don’t affect me like they used to,” said Lydia guitarist Justin Camacho as I walked into the green room of Musica, Akron’s coziest music venue. “Damn, you got

31 Days Of Halloween: 'Alien 3'

As is tradition, I lent my love of horror and science fiction to Under The Gun's 31 Days Of Halloween. My piece on Alien 3 was published this week. This year's series is dedicated to the memory of our late

For The Love of Film: The Star Wars Holiday Special

My late friend Justin Proper of Under The Gun Review had a running column for several years called “For The Love Of Film.” He once asked me to fill in for him when he was too sick. Our colleague Dane

RIP Justin Proper
RIP Justin Proper

My friend Justin was sick when I met him. He was sick as long as I knew him. It was his sickness that brought him to Ohio way too often, where I would visit him at the Cleveland Clinic not

Joining Substream Magazine

In my last update, I informed you all that I had ceased employment with Ayzenberg Group and was looking for work elsewhere, ideally in music. Today I'd like to share with you that I've found such work with Substream Magazine.