Interview: Lydia talks 'Run Wild' on their headlining tour

If there was a band that my girlfriend and I could describe as ours, it would be Lydia. They were the first band we saw together and we've seen them twice since. The latest show was in the same venue as the first, Akron's Musica.

This time, I had the opportunity to ask the band some questions about their latest record, Run Wild. Mae had the opportunity to watch. Thanks for the tickets, 8123.

It went further than that, the simplicity of hip-hop music played a big part in the making of Run Wild. “That actually played into it a lot,” continued Antelman. “Our tendency is to layer stuff. On this record, if it wasn’t needed to get turned up in the mix, we just took it out. If it wasn’t crucial to the song, we took it out. A lot of hip-hop songs are just a beat and a synth. I thought it was cool to strip it down, not clutter it–”

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