31 Days Of Halloween: ‘Halloweentown’

Following the closure of Under The Gun Review in 2016, the site's longstanding tradition of Halloween adoration and criticism continued on at Substream with another round of 31 Days Of Halloween. This year, I contributed a piece on Halloweentown, a

Former AltPress Editor Scott Heisel Now Substream Editor In Chief

Since I left my position at Substream Magazine in October, a lot has changed. Both the publication’s Marketing Director (Nici Arsenault) and Managing Editor (Drew Wille) have also effectively left the company. In my 6 months there, those two,

Inside Music 10: Jacob Tender Returns!

I sat down with Haulix this morning to talk about my late friend Justin Proper, friendships in the music industry, and what I’m up to lately. via Inside Music: For the first time in our ten-show history we are

Yellowcard Cover Story
Yellowcard Cover Story

Today, Substream Magazine announced the cover of Issue 42 featuring Yellowcard. This is the second issue in a row in which I penned the cover story. Like my previous story with Caleb Shomo of Beartooth, I talked to Yellowcard frontman

Yellowcard: Setting Sail For New Territory

Unlike the Beartooth Story, this one was planned out in advance. Like the story about Caleb and his wife Fleur, this story centered around Ryan Key and his wife Alyona. It got very personal and I felt quite honored to

Inside Music 03: Jacob Tender (Substream Magazine)

I was recently asked by former colleague James Shotwell to join him on an episode of the Inside Music Podcast which is presented by Haulix, a company I really love. In the show, we catch up on how we met,

Plastic Galaxy: The Story Of Star Wars Toys

I love Star Wars. I’d go so far as to say that I always have. I was shown Star Wars when I was still in my single digits and received my first lightsaber when I was probably about 6.

Beartooth Cover Story
Beartooth Cover Story

Today Substream Magazine announced issue #41 with Columbus, OH's Beartooth on the cover. I'm happy to say that I wrote the featured story. When I started at Substream, I didn't expect to be involved with the print side of the

Beartooth: Sick & Disgusting

This was my first cover story for any magazine. The opportunity came up last minute, but I'm pleased with how it came out. I wrote more about how I got the story here. This story joined my feature on Emarosa's