Inside Music 03: Jacob Tender (Substream Magazine)

I was recently asked by former colleague James Shotwell to join him on an episode of the Inside Music Podcast which is presented by Haulix, a company I really love.

In the show, we catch up on how we met, how I got into writing, whether or not you should go to college for music business, classmates having babies while you've had blogs, and much more.

via Inside Music:

This week’s episode features Jacob Tender, Digital Editor for Substream Magazine and former editor of Under The Gun Review. He may only be 21, but Jacob has already reached professional heights seasoned vets often long to achieve, including having a personal essay about his favorite band kickstart what eventually became one of the biggest band reunions in recent memory. He’s proud of everything he’s done, but it’s what he has one the horizon that truly captures our imagination.

Over the course of the hour-long conversation found below, Jacob and I talk about his life in writing, as well as how factors outside the music industry can impact people’s professional plans. It starts with a strong focus on writing and blogging, but as things carry one we begin to speak in a far more general sense about the industry as a whole. It’s a hopeful, yet cautious conversation, and I’m glad we got it all on digital tape.

Find the full show notes for this episode here.