Inside Music 10: Jacob Tender Returns!

I sat down with Haulix this morning to talk about my late friend Justin Proper, friendships in the music industry, and what I’m up to lately.

via Inside Music:

For the first time in our ten-show history we are welcoming back a previous guest. Jacob Tender was one of the first people to appear on ‘Inside Music,’ and at the time it seemed like he had life pretty much figured out. He had a new job at a great publication, big dreams for the future, and for the first time in his entire life he could proudly proclaim that he was a paid music writer. Everything seemed to be going great. That is, until things began to change.

This episode is a weird one. The first part explain why we were on hiatus last month, as well as the numerous things we learned during our absence. From there, our conversation turns to Jacob’s turbulent journey through the business and the things he has learned along the way. I’ve known Jacob for years, but I’ve never known him to speak as candidly about life and his struggles as he does on this show. I know this seems a bit odd coming from the guy who hosts the show, but I think this episode is something incredibly special. You can stream and download the show below.

Find the full show notes for this episode here.