VBR #23: 'Personal Mario Arcade Machine', with guest James Cassar

James and I recorded an episode of Variable Bitrate together in Chicago. Unfortunately, it was shit. Time constraints and the weariness of walking and talking for 3 hours around Navy Pier didn't allow us to do the thing justice. I

VBR #22: 'That Was The Kit', with guest Jake Floyd

I met Jake on tour with You, Me, And Everyone We Know, Squid The Whale, and Sugar Glyder. We didn't get a lot of face time then, but I've enjoyed his social media activity since. He's been on my guest

VBR #20: 'On My Bus, Nobody Goes To Sleep', with guest Danny Samet

Danny is the NICEST guy! He's also well traveled, committed, and hardworking. Ladies? Danny Samet has toured with bands like Say Anything, Two Door Cinema Club, Motion City Soundtrack, Thrice, The Academy Is, and so many more. In just 5

VBR #17: 'Dude, Not Ballin', with guest Mike "Gunz" Gunzelman

It took a while, but I finally got Gunz on the show. After a few weeks of rain delays and train crashes, the Idobi posterboy gives us the dish on his career in broadcast journalism. Mike Gunzelman aka Gunz is

VBR #16: 'I Would Just Like Band Pages', with guest Tyler Sharp

I almost took a job at AltPress out of high school, there have been times I regretted going a different route, but knowing what I know now, I'm glad I didn't make the move to Cleveland. I love Alternative Press.

Creative Consultation #01: Adapt

My guest last week had to cancel on me due to an on-the-job conflict. This left me with no guest for the first time since starting this show 16 weeks ago. Determined to keep the feed alive every single week,

VBR #15: 'It's Hard For Helpers', with guest Sheridan Allen

Just when I think the podcast is becoming easier to produce on a weekly basis, it isn't. In actuality, this episode was very easy to produce. It has the shortest run time, has one of the best speakers I've interviewed