VBR #07: 'I'm Giving You A Hard Maybe', with guest Joshua Hammond

Joshy boy, joshy boy, cast me a pod.

My good pal and longtime friend calls in to talk Americana, a mature genre of music that truly speaks to him, but we eventually start talking about My Chemical Romance and All Time Low. Typical.

Josh is a unique and wonderful human. I sat on two panels with the guy at SXSW last year and gushed over Julien Baker with him after both. My dude recently switched PR firms in NYC, so we talk about that and his initial move to the Big Apple. Oh yea, and that time Josh completely shit on a band in a review I assigned him because of a bad day. GOOD times.

Joshua Hammond is a blogger turned publicist that's been writing around the Midwest for about a decade. After a while, he switched ends of the email chain and picked up publicity, which moved him from Kansas to The Big Apple. We discuss everything from the start of his career at Popwreckoning to today, as a publicist at Press Here.

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