VBR #02: 'The Challenge Of Entertaining People', with guest James Shotwell

Hey, look at that. I've actually set a weekly schedule for this thing. My second guest probably comes as no surprise, being that he's been my on-again-off-again partner in crime for the better part of a decade now. James Shotwell of the Haulix fame (ex- Under The Gun Review, Antique Records, etc.) joins me to talk about a lot of subjects, most notably about the impending demise of Under The Gun, a thing he started and gave me a start with. He also talks about closing down Antique Records and what he's working on with Haulix and the Haulix sponsored podcast, Inside Music. Also music news and some solid recommendations, per usual.

As promised, I have a bunch of great guests lined up for the show and—believe it or not—the next two aren't UTG alumni. gasp I know. Oh, and this is the first anybody has publicly mentioned the current status of UTG. We're not entirely sure what we're doing with the brand just yet, so sit tight on that.

It’s round two of the Variable Bitrate podcast. This time, Jacob is joined by James Shotwell, his former partner at UTG and friend for the ages. The two of them talk about moving on from big projects, James’ new endeavors, why Bayside’s new record could be their best, and some of the week’s biggest news topics.

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