VBR #08: 'It's Just A Lot Of Teenager S**t', with guest Mark Garza

I started this music writing thing "officially" in January of 2011. I was a senior in high school at the time. Mark Garza, founder and owner of Funeral Sounds (a record label and online publishing company), Label Manager at Broken World Media, and occasional PR/Freelancer has just graduated. In comparison, I didn't do a damn thing worth a damn before graduating. That means Mark is probably superhuman, but that doesn't mean they can withstand the burnout and jaded feelings that can often come when you've explored so much so fast. I've been there and I knew they must be feeling it, so I probed him about it.

The result is a two hour conversation surrounding Mark's career so far, his future potential, and the mindset that sits somwhere in between. Mark truly impresses me in a way that most their age haven't. This episode is good for teens and young adults that are trying to find their way in this industry as well as the older folks that want to feel worthless.

Everything is not bad, Mark. Just James Cassar.

Mark Garza graces us with his presence to discuss what it's like being 18 with a 3 year old record label. Mark is starting college this year and already feels jaded, so Jake tries to help him through. This is a must-listen for young music industry professionals.

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