VBR #19: 'Self-Hatred and Logistics', with guest Benjamin Liebsch

This has been a long time coming. Ben and I met at my dad's place where he and the rest of the guys on his tour stayed the night before taking me on the road with them. We didn't get to talk too much on that trip. Honestly, I was a bit intimidated by him. His lyricism made the idea of him daunting to engage with. The sheer verbosity that his songs contain has always been a wonder to me. How nice it is now to talk to him about that, and so much more, in the longest episode of the show yet.

You, Me, And Everyone We Know called it quits for good this year. Ben, the frontman and songwriter for the project has since been hiding out amongst the rest of us normals while slowly working on something new. We discuss the end, the present, and the future of Ben's career, the American economy, and planet earth itself. Also, we tried really hard to talk about Westworld.

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