VBR #06: 'Don't Start The Night Before', with guest Michele Stephens

Yea, I uploaded this one roughly 12 hours late, but it's still Monday so guess what? It counts.

Some scheduling conflicts two weeks back—as well as some heat-induced illness this weekend—ended up affording me the buffer time I had made for myself, but it's fine. Also yes, Two Hearted played it's part in the aforementioned illness that left me bedridden for a 12 hour spell post-canoe trip. I digress...

This marks the first episode I had to record fully from my end. Typically, that would bother me to no end, but I've come to terms with the fact that I will undoubtedly have to contend with recording limitations on the guest end if I continue on with the project at the pace that I've been going thus far. It's simply not realistic to expect every guest to have the means or know-how to record locally. This isn't WTF and I'm okay with that.

P.S. Almost immediately after publishing this evening, Maria Gironas (guest on episode 3) made me aware that some of my automation on the theme song track was screwy at the beginning. At this point, my Macbook decides the 90°+ in my office is no longer bearable and locks up before I can bounce a fix. Fun! Thank you for looking out, Maria.

Our good friend Michele Stephens swings through to chat about tour PR, the lifeblood of her career in music. As a tour publicity pro at Epitaph Records, she lends her expertise and drops some hints about what not to do when trying to cover the alternative music scene's biggest roaming festival, Warped Tour. Naturally there is some talk about Troye Sivan, My Chemical Romance, and Cute Is What We Aim For to be had, for Michele is a pop lover through and through.

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