VBR #14: 'Have A Nice Package Together', with guest Nate Sirotta

Nate Sirotta of Impulse Artists sat down with me this week to share some great tips surrounding PR. Whether you're in a band, write for a blog, or have an interest in doing publicity yourself, this is a great episode.

Nate's done work for Total Assault and a whole bunch of your favorite artists. I love this guy because he picks up bands that don't have the budget for him simply because he loves them. My friends in Late In The Playoffs really needed a big push when their full-length dropped and Nate took them on knowing that they wouldn't be able to pay him for a lengthy campaign. He's a great business man and a fantastic friend.

Nate Sirotta is the founder and playmaker at Impulse Artists, a boutique publicity and digital marketing agency that's worked with some insane talent to great success over it's few years in business. Nate and I talk about PR and how to get into it from any angle. He's been doing this thing for a while and has some really great tips. So don't miss a thing and take notes!

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