VBR #11: 'When You Eventually Unfollow Me', with guest Jack Appleby

Anyway, Jack and I have worked together and around each other in a number of ways over the years. He gave me a real job in college that was both really fun and super helpful. To pay him back, I allowed him to listen to me talk about Frank Ocean for 20 minutes.

Oh yea... It's important to note that I went long on Frank Ocean here but we recorded the day after Endless. This was a short period in history where we knew there was probably a second record coming. Naturally Frankie dropped Blonde as we were on the phone...

There will be more.

Jack Appleby is a Social Media Strategist by day at Ayzenberg Group, a killer marketing agency in California that's worked with really awesome brands over the years. In his spare time, he talks music at a number of publications and has even dabbled in the label/management side of things once or twice. Get to know Jack as he spills the beans on just how many copies of intheclouds' 12 Lathes records were cut as well as a certain supergroup follow-up LP that exists somewhere in the world.

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